Now, you may think that a feral cat is no big difference from a regular domestic cat since they look alike and are of similar size and you will be seriously wrong if you do so. Feral cats are actually different from stray cats and especially from home cats. Now, stray cats are usually either home cats that have been dumped by their owners or were born from such dumped pets. Stray cats can behave wild, but it usually does not take much effort to tame one. Feral cats are different. A feral cat is actually a wild animal with zero human interaction experience and therefore a real challenge to tame. As you can see, a feral cat is not the best option for making a pet friend.

If you ever happen to deal with a feral cat you should know that there are rescue organizations dedicated to the trapping, spaying and neutering of feral cats. These organizations often return the cats to where they were originally found after having them spayed and neutered.

You may be surprised but feral cats are actually not that rare animals. You can find them in rural areas, abandoned buildings or even parks and alleys.  You may happen to see one sometime but don’t think it would be easy to catch.  Remember, feral cats have little to none human interaction in their lives so a sudden encounter with you could easily make the cat  dart away.

There may be circumstances in you life when you would wonder if you could actually tame a feral cat.  There could be feral cats living in your neighborhood and you could want to adopt one. Just remember that taming a feral cat is by no means easy if possible at all. Feral cats can be divided to categories depending on the level of their human interaction. Some can be classified as semi-feral cats, others as totally feral and some can even be converted feral cat. So, depending on that level you can estimate your likeliness to succeed in socializing one. With a fully feral cat there is little to no chance of socializing it. These cats are wild to the bone and would never depend on you for food or care. With a semi-feral cat you could actually hope for a chance because semi-feral implies having some human interaction experience, so a chance for taming. Your best chances would be with a converted feral cat. Converted feral means a cat has once been domesticated and abandoned later. With enough effort applied a converted feral cat is very likely to respond to your interactions and things like love and affection may eventually develop. So if you want to attempt to tame a feral cat, remember that it can be hard work reaching out to the feral cat and getting them to trust you after being on their own. Sometimes, your efforts will not pay off for months, especially with older cats. If your attempts are a success, the rewards are well worth it because a strong bond can develop and loyalty and love is the reward.

If you believe you have the time and the love to attempt to tame a feral, there are some things to remember. First, these cats see you as an intruder and are very likely to spit, hiss, bite and claw. This is a normal response as they are defending themselves against a perceived predator – you. If they manage to get in a few bites or scratches, you should apply first aid immediately. After you have successfully trapped a feral cat, your very first step is to get it to the vet for spay or neuter and to check for any diseases it may carry. This is a necessary step and an absolute must if you have other pets in the house. After you have arrived home with your cat, you need to let it adjust to you and the surroundings by giving it a small, safe place to stay. Allow the cat to stay in a small bathroom or laundry room, where it does not feel overwhelmed. You will need to take time every day to spend time with the cat and allow the cat to adjust to you.

Remember, not all feral cats can be socialized; however with love and patience, your time and efforts may be worthwhile.

Feral Cats. Can you actually tame one?
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