If you own a dog and especially your first dog ever it is very likely your dog will try to misbehave or go out of control at some point. This happens to many, if not most of dog owners all over the world  and unfortunately not all owners have enough patience or will to take control over the situation and some will eventually decide to leave their friend behind. This is very sad if you ask me. In most of these cases it would not even get to the point of making a hard decision if people knew how to raise and train a dog properly. A dog is not a human, but as obvious as it is many owners treat their dogs as if those were humans or at least take not the approach a dog needs. So, if you think you could be one of those who struggle with no luck and no matter what you do, your dog wins, please consider educating yourself. There are books in online stores, in regular stores, videos on youtube, lots of information on the internet. To save you some time I would like you to see PetTrainDog.com , a website with lots of information both free and pay. It’s a good place to start with and actually could be all you need to grow an adequate and obedient dog.

Proper training for your dog

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