Quality time is obviously a good thing by itself but let’s be honest, sometimes we get lazy. Daily routine takes our time and energy. 9 to 5 is hard at times. Coming home from work, feeling exhausted, time for some food, beer and TV, right? We have grounds for feeling that way, for sure but stop for a second at this point and think about your furry friend.

Do you spend enough quality time with your buddy? Of course, if you have a dog you can say you get to walk at least twice daily, ain’t that enough already? Well, it really depends. It depends on the breed of your dog, on how long your walks last and whether you walk long distances changing your route from time to time or you just get outside, sit on a bench for 10 minutes and think your job’s done. We may have too much things to do throughout the day, that’s true but what is also true is that our pets need our attention. Some of them less and some of them more. Take a moment and think about them sitting at home most of the day having nothing to do. Put yourself “in their shoes” for a moment, try to imagine. Now you may see why your attention and time is so important to them. All this being said, keep in mind that cats generally don’t crave our attention the way dogs do. All of the above mostly relates to dogs, however that does not mean cats don’t need our time at all, just not as much. They still like to be petted and played with.

So, if you have a cat just don’t forget you have it. Don’t forget to pet it at least a couple of times a day. But if you’re a dog owner you should prepare yourself for more than 10 minute walks. Dogs really like interaction and the easiest way to interact is to play. Even though you can play hide-and-seek or chasing game, playing usually involves toys. Toys are usually not hard to find because dogs generally like to destroy things and we normally have some old sneaker or something else that we can easily sacrifice. But if you think you could get some new toys you can search big online stores like PetcoPetsmart or OnlyNaturalPet OR there’s an online store at barkshop.com dedicated specifically to dogs where you will find quality toys, treats, outwear and more. With new toys you can start spending real quality time with your friend and he/she will have a target to play with and destroy while you are away. You could show even more love to your friend by getting him/her a high quality special dog bed at Orvis.com or a at least a special furniture protecting blanket.

Quality Time
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